- individual, handmade designer jewelry - a touching combination of gold, silver and brass with shining precious stones and pearls 

Jewelry Design, Vintage jewelry, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, innovative living trends and stylish accessories - that's the world of  in the Mannheim  / Darmstadt / Bensheim area

Ni hao! That's Chinese and means Welcome in the jewelry world of Breesha. Designer jewelry from  is a seducing combination of gold, silver and brass with shining precious stones and pearls into individual, handmade designer pieces plus innovative living trends and stylish accessories.   offers necklaces, colliers, bracelets and earrings to wear immediately or designs your one and only piece together with you complementing your personality and color type. Other services offers are jewelry courses and jewelry parties .

It's the philosophy of that your heritage jewelry pieces are revived in a new style keeping the memory of a lost loved one alive.

 proudly presents the newest collection Vintage – the style that makes a difference.
Allergy-free brass embraces precious stones and pearls in the retro look of the early 20th century. A keen interpretation between Art Nouveau and Art Deco (1889-1939).

Learn more about on this site and in the online shop for individual, handmade designer jewelry. 


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